About World Muscle Society

The World Muscle Society is a dynamic community that aims to promote, disseminate, and share all aspects of neuromuscular physiology and diseases, from basic science to patient care. It encompasses a broad range of scientists and healthcare professionals who share outside the common interest for neuromuscular disorders the triple E values of the Society: Education, Enjoyment and Excitement.

Education is an important aspect of the WMS, and we consider it a continuous process at all stages of career, as a shared right and duty. Neuromuscular Disorders, the official journal of the WMS, is published every month.

Enjoyment reflects the friendly and positive atmosphere of the WMS. Since its foundation in 1995, a special emphasis has been put on networking events during the congress, during which, lifelong time friendship and important scientific projects have been initiated.

Excitement reflects our common passion for the science and for patient care, our shared pleasure to meet, to share, to learn and to educate.

WMS wishes to be inclusive, and actively promotes diversity. Students and colleagues from low and medium-income countries are not only welcomed at a very affordable fee through our Membership Grant, but they are also actively encouraged to make the most of the personal and career development that the WMS promotes.

WMS is conscious of its environmental responsibility and actively promotes ecological-friendly policies.

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