Request for Proposal (RFP) for WMS

  • This RFP invites the submission of bids to host the Congress in the future. Any proposal to host a future WMS Congress must be presented by a Principal Investigator/group of PI’s who have a track record in the field of neuromuscular disorders and are acquainted with WMS and the way the congress is run.
  • Submissions may be for more than one year with a destination being awarded a maximum of one Congress.
  • All costs relating to the submission of a bid must be borne by the submitter/ host destination. The WMS and Secretariat take no responsibility for any costs relating to successful or unsuccessful bid submissions.
  • Proposed destinations are discussed at each Executive Board Meeting (usually during the annual congress and April each year) so letters of intent/ full submissions should be sent at least 4 weeks in advance to allow for ample circulation, review and discussion.

First stage: Letter of Intent to Bid

This letter should express the wish of the Local Organising Committee (LOC) and the Destination to submit a bid. The city as well as the name/s of the potential venues should be mentioned. A well-researched and presented potential venue, available during the relevant time period, is required for discussion. This will be discussed with the WMS Executive Board and if they approve in principle then the WMS Secretariat will set up a meeting/ call with the LOC to talk through the process and offer support and guidance where required. A more detailed congress bid guidance document will be sent at this stage. The LOC may be invited at this stage to present the information to the board or more information may need to be provided first.

Bid Eligibility     

The criteria for bid success will include but may not be limited to:

  • availability of suitable dates at a suitable congress venue, compatible with minimum capacity requirements and pharmaceutical compliance.
  • accessibility for all delegates.
  • availability of a range of hotel accommodation near the congress venue.
  • availability of adequate inexpensive accommodation for students and young scientists.
  • an assessment of the appeal of the destination.
  • historical/ cultural/ interesting options for the networking reception, excursion and dinner venues.
  • an assessment of the budget and funding options and timescales to commit to the venues.
  • the strength of the local neuromuscular community, commitment of senior WMS Member to be involved in the Local Organising Committee.

The final decision regarding selection of the host destination will be made by the WMS Executive Board.

Second stage: Full Bid Document

A comprehensive Bid Document should be submitted in electronic format (PowerPoint). The document must cover the following inclusions:

  • Venue information: available dates, size of venue, location, available lecture space, poster, catering and exhibition space, room layout and use, attractiveness of the venue, cost budget. Including images and floorplans to show the flow of the space
  • Safety of venue and the area/region.
  • City information: location, accessibility, transport links, including a calculation of flight times from a selection of key international destinations.
  • Green policy of venue and City
  • Suggested hotels (list, capacities, price range, how close to the venue, how accessible).
  • Any relevant information regarding destination attractions, restaurants, information about the wider region.
  • Written evidence of any financial and other local support to fulfil the mandatory requirements as specified in this RFP.
  • Members of the local organising committee.
  • Proposed social programme.
  • Letters of support from the local neuromuscular community and other supporters as the LOC considers relevant to their bid.

The Letter of Intent or Full Bid Document in electronic format should be submitted by email to the WMS Secretariat, Clare Beach at

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