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We are committed to providing a scientific forum for advances in the research of neuromuscular disorders and promoting international collaboration. This section is dedicated to outreach for myologists from countries with emerging neuromuscular disorder research by providing a platform where we can bring together a vast array of experts for exchange of resources and collaboration. We welcome your suggestions on how to  integration experts of all ages and from all countries into the WMS family.

Our monthly Myology Cafés provide a virtual opportunity to meet colleagues from around the world. We welcome both WMS members and non-members. 

As part of our commitment to be inclusive and actively promote diversity, we welcome students and colleagues from low and medium-income countries at a very affordable fee through our Membership Grant, and actively encourage them to make the most of personal and career development opportunities through the WMS. 

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Photo of Rasha El Sherif
Rasha El Sherif
Newgiza University School of Medicine
Cairo, Egypt
Photo of Jorge Alfredo Bevilacqua
Jorge Alfredo Bevilacqua
Hospital Clínico Universidad de Chile
Santiago, Chile
Photo of Hernán Gonorazky
Hernán Gonorazky
PGRCL SickKids
Toronto, Canada
Photo of Juliana Gurgel-Giannetti
Juliana Gurgel-Giannetti
Univ. Federal de Minas Gerais
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Photo of Wen-Chen Liang
Wen-Chen Liang
Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Photo of Pitchamol Vilaisaktipakorn
Pitchamol Vilaisaktipakorn
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Cincinnati, United States

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