WMS Membership

The World Muscle Society (WMS) Executive Board reviewed the membership process and package in 2020 and set out to:

  • Improve access for students and members from developing countries to membership
  • Reduce costs and the Society’s carbon footprint
  • Welcome industry partners, whilst still ensuring that the Society is still academically driven
  • Encourage more inclusive participation in all Society activities 
  • Promote a more flexible membership with applications and renewals all year round, not just in December each year

What is included with WMS Membership?

During the year of membership:

  • WMS Members can interact with a valued community dedicated to muscle research through attending the annual congress and using the website resources.
  • WMS Members can register to that year’s WMS congress at a reduced fee.
  • WMS Members will receive 12 copies of the official WMS monthly journal Neuromuscular Disorders.
  • WMS Members can access the Neuromuscular Disorders online archive through the WMS website.

Membership Grant

We as an international community are committed to being inclusive for our members around the world. If the membership fee is a barrier to your joining the WMS, please send a short letter to Prof. Laurent Servais secretary@worldmusclesociety.org explaining your current role and how WMS membership will be of benefit to you.

We as a community are conscious of supporting a sustainable future for our planet therefore, we encourage all members to select the online version of the journal.
Membership Type 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years
(With Printed Journal Copy & Online Access)
EUR125 n/a n/a
(Only Online Journal Access)
EUR75 (save 40%) n/a n/a
Academic/Patient Advocate
(With Printed Journal Copy & Online Access)
EUR220 EUR400 (save 9%) EUR570 (save 13%)
Academic/Patient Advocate
(Only Online Journal Access)
EUR170 (save 22%) EUR300 (save 25%) EUR420 (save 26%)
(With Printed Journal Copy & Online Access)
EUR520 EUR950 (save 9%) EUR1330 (save 14%)
(Only Online Journal Access)
EUR470 (save 10%) EUR850 (save 10%) EUR1180 (save 11%)

Now it is time to apply for or renew your WMS Membership!

Click here to join!

Which membership type is right for me?

Membership Type Requirements Full voting rights Discounted congress tickets Access to the members only content
  • No direct interest/shares in a pharmaceutical company or more than 10% employed by a profit-making organisation.
  • A medical student, a medical doctor in training to acquire his/her primary speciality, a PhD student, a post doc, an MSC student or equivalent
  • You must submit an official document from institution (on official letterhead) and supervisor stating your student status and the date until which this status is granted

If you are unclear about your student status, please contact Prof. Laurent Servais on secretary@worldmusclesociety.org for guidance. 

Academic/Patient Advocate
  • Not in any way employed by a commercial entity and are not a shareholder (more than 1% of the capital) or employee of a pharmaceutical company.
  • Direct interest/shares in a pharmaceutical company or are more than 10% employed by a profit-making organisation.

 It is essential that you self-select the correct membership type. Failure to do so may result in your WMS Membership being removed/ denied.

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