Project Proposals

As a demonstration of our commitment to develop the field of neuromuscular disorders through clinical research and patient care, the WMS is seeking project proposals for funding and broader support. We want to break down the barriers to access for our community and ensure that scientists around the world can network, learn from one another, share science and publish their work.

We encourage WMS Members to submit project proposals and funding requests to the Executive Board for review.

The project should:

  • be educational
  • include networking opportunities for all attendees
  • be regional or international
  • increase visibility of the WMS Community and promote its activities, benefits and features
  • include marketing that mentions the WMS and its involvement
  • be creative
  • have other funding providers, not just the WMS
  • add value to an event or project through WMS involvement
  • not be restrictive in who can attend
  • include a post event/project report, preferably written by an attendee, that can be shared on the WMS website and on social media platforms

In return, the WMS may agree to:

  • provide marketing support
  • promote the event or project to members and followers
  • suggest speakers
  • offer other logistical, organisational, administrative or financial support as requested in the proposal and agreed in advance.

So the WMS can review your proposal, please complete this form in as much detail as possible, to a maximum of three pages. If we require further clarification we will, of course, contact you.

Template Proposal Form

For further queries and to submit your completed form please contact Clare Beach, WMS Secretariat

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