Prize Winners – WMS Congress, 2022

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President's Prize for Young Myologist of the Year
Svetlana Gorokhova

President's Prize for Best 1st Time Presenter
Ricardo Galli

Best Basic Science Poster (new President’s Prize)
Judith Reinhard

Léa Rose Spinal Muscular Atrophy Award
Tina Duong

Duchenne Research Fund Prize
Juan M. Fernández-Costa

6 Elsevier Awards
Kimberly Amburgey           
Diana Bharucha-Goebel
Stephen Holland
Evelin Milev
Daniel Natera De Benito
Megan Waldrop

Elsevier Subscription Prizes:
Paola Aguiari
Jorge Alonso-Perez
Stefan Conijn
Valeria di Leo
Tamara Dangouloff
Fady Guirguis
Anri Human
Nadine Ikelaar
Megan Iammarino
Misawa Ishii
Cédric Mbakam
Ursula Moore
Harmen Reyngoudt
Annemarie Rohwer
Hideki Tokuoka
Amélie Vergnol
Tatyana Vetter
Venugopala Vishnu
Lindsay Wallace
Harriet Weststrate
Wakako Yoshioka 

Published on 20 October 2022.


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