Prize Winners – WMS Virtual Congress, 2021

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President’s Prize for Best First-Time Presenter

Yuanfan Zhang (O.13)

President’s Prize for Young Myologist of the Year

Ana Töpf (O.10)

Léa Rose SMA award

Harriet Weststrate (EP.276)

Duchenne Research Fund Prize

Esther Fernandez-Simon (O.8)

Elsevier Prizes for Best Oral or Poster Presentation

Liubov Gushchina (EP.146)
Charlotte Lilien (O.7)
Marianela Schiava (O.8)
Olesia Serbina (EP.169)
Safoora Syeda (EP.060)
Wakako Yoshioka (EP.074)

Elsevier Runner-up Subscription Prizes

Caroline Bogni (EP.040)
Sarah Djeddi (EP.029)
Fadir Guirguis (EP.057)
Ai Vu Hong (EP.093)
Harmke van Kooten (EP.197)
Museer Lone (EP.245)
Cédric Happi Mbakam (EP.94)
Adrien Morin (EP.077)
Allan Muir (EP.201)
Magali Ngawa (EP.248)
Mariko Okubo (EP.115)
Brenna Powers (EP.325)
Margaux Poleur (EP.265)
Josefine Radke (EP.009)
Sarah Robinson (EP.175)
Jantima Tanboon (EP.010)
Tatyana Vetter (EP.159)
Lisa Wahlgren (EP.111)
Bram de Wel (EP.287)
Chelsea Wood (EP.134)

Published on 4 October 2021.


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