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WMS 2009 Young Investigator Prizes
  Presentation Page Author Title
Lea Rose Prize:
  GP.9.08 33 Emily Oates Insights into the pathological basis of autosomal dominant distal spinal muscular atrophy from a large Australian family
President's Prize: Young Myologist of the Year
James Dowling Zebrafish models of collagen VI myopathies
Myotubularins and the pathogenesis of centronuclear myopathies
President's Prize: First Time Presenter
  EM.O.1 34 Kinga Gawlik E3 domain of laminin α1 chain that binds to dystroglycan is not essential for survival and muscle regeneration in laminin α1 chain mediated correction of laminin α2 chain deficiency
Elsevier Prizes (4)
  G.O.3 18 Jessica de Greef Contraction-dependent (FSHD1) and independent (FSHD2) epigenetic changes of D4Z4 unify FSHD
  T.O.1 52 May Christine Malicdan Sialic acid metabolites preclude the development of myopathic phenotype in the DMRV/hIBM mouse model
  G.O.4 18 Kate Quinlan a-Actinin-3 regulates muscle glycogen phosphorylase: a potential mechanism for the metabolic consequences of the common human null allele of ACTN3
  TP.4.10 39 Valerie Robin Towards a better understanding of truncated dystrophin instability
Subscription Prizes
1 TP.2.07 29 Alison Blain Attenuation of adverse effects of prednisolone on δ-sarcoglycan-deficient cardiomyopathy by mineralocorticoid-receptor-antagonism
2 MP.5.08 43 Johann Böhm In vivo imaging of muscle fibres under normal and pathological conditions
3 GP.13.02 46 Matteo Bovolenta Non-coding RNAs within the DMD gene
4 EM.P.3.02 27 Virginie Carmignac Intracellular signalling pathway alterations in laminin α2 chain deficient skeletal muscle and brain
5 GP.6.05 30 Yen-hui Chiu Attenuated muscle regeneration is a key factor in dysferlinopathy
6 GP.12.11 46 Belinda Cowling In vivo manipulation of skeletal muscle to characterize the mechanisms underlying centronuclear myopathies
7 GP.14.11 48 Michela De Bellis Newly synthesized mexiletine and tocainide analogues are potent use-dependent blockers of skeletal muscle sodium channels: potential implication for the antimyotonic activity
8 MP.4.07 36 Claudia Escher Reverse protein arrays for efficient protein diagnosis of muscular dystrophies in less that 10mg muscle tissue
9 EM.P.2.11 21 Poliana Martins Machado Fukutin-related protein expression in murine dystrophic models carrying single and double mutations for dystrophin and LARGE
10 EM.P.1.04 19 Sarina Meinen Treatment approaches in laminin-α2-deficient congenital muscular dystrophy (MDC1A)
11 TP.1.08 28 Chalemchai Mitrpant The use of antisense oligomer for splice switching in spinal muscular atrophy fibroblasts
12 TP.1.09 28 Capucine Trollet Oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy (OPMD) : physiopathological mechanisms and gene therapy approaches
13 TP.5.04 39 Maaike van Putten Effect of a mild exercise regime on disease parameters in the mdx mouse model
14 MP.1.06 18 Tracey Willis An international registry for FKRP (Fukutin-Related Protein) patients - the first international registry

Published on 8 October 2009.


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