You can view the list of prize winners at the WMS-13 Newcastle congress, which has long become an annual tradition.


WMS 2008 Young Investigator Prizes
  Presentation Page Author Title
Lea Rose Prize:
  GP4.12 39 Christopher Heier Translational readthrough modulates SMN stability: Potential for aminoglycosides as an SMA therapy
President's Prize: Young Myologist of the Year
  GO.5 43 Martin Krahn Partial functionality of a mini-dysferlin molecule identified in a patient affected with a moderately severe primary dysferlinopathy
President's Prize: First Time Presenter
  DP4.11 48 Capucine Trollet Expression and siRNA targeting of PABPN1 as a model for oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy (OPMD)
Elsevier Prizes (4)
  TO.1 56 Debbie Hicks Cyclosporin A as a potential treatment for collagen VI-related muscular dystrophy: a cellular study of mitochondrial dysfunction and its rescue
  GP1.05 31 Yaqun Zou siRNA mediated allele specific selective silencing of a dominant negative COL6A3 mutation causing UCMD
  GP14.14 52 Sherine Shalaby Novel FHL1 mutations in fatal and benign reducing body myopathy
  GP5.02 40 Ingrid Muth Upregulation of αβ-crystallin interrelates with APP and precedes accumulation of β-amyloid in the muscle of sporadic inclusion body myositis
Subscription Prizes
1 GO.2 29 Joachim Schessl Proteomic identification of the LIM domain protein FHL1 as the gene-product mutated in reducing body myopathy
2 DP1.10 30 Valeria Ghiaroni Structural and functional characterization of muscle fibers in the novel mouse model of facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy
3 DP3.11 40 Eva Brauers Influences of caveolin-3 mutations on canonical signaling pathways
4 GP14.04 52 Jaakko Sarparanta Interactions of myospryn with M-band titin and calpain-3
5 GP3.13 36 Stefanie Bulst Supplementation studies in primary human muscle cells with mtDNA depletion caused by mutations in the DGUOK and POLG1 genes.
6 GP3.15 37 Michael Trenell Waking the sleeping giant; habitual physical inactivity in people with mitochondrial disease
7 GP7.10 43 Aniko Keller-Pinter Myostatin interacts with syndecan-4 and PKC-alpha in skeletal muscle
8 TP1.10 33 Kristy Rose Reliablity and validity of measuring foot and anlke muscle strength in very young children
9 TP2.10 38 Hifang Yin Restoration of dystrophin expression in mdx mouse by peptide-conjugated antisense oligonucleotides
10 TP2.15 38 Stefania Corti Treatment of spinal muscular atrophy by transplantation of embyronic (ES) derived neural stem cells
11 TP4.06 51 Olivier Dorchies Green tea polyphenols and pentoxifylline stimulate dystrophic myotube formation and maturation in primary cultures
12 MP1.01 35 Violeta Mihaylova Molecular characterization of congenital myasthenic syndromes in Southern Brazil
13 GP10.05 46 Mark Hornsey Preclinical drug trials investigating potential treatements for dysferlin deficiency

Published on 30 October 2008.


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