Here is the list of prizewinners for the recent WMS meeting in Taormina. We congratulate them all.

WMS subscriptions for:

Mark Ackroyd

Matteo Bovolenta

Valérie Decostre

Othon Gervasio

Lars Klinge

Kora LaDonna

Baijayanta Maiti

Behzad Moghadaszadeh

Joél Smet

Michelle Steen

Alide Tieleman

Conrad Weihl


Kristen Nowak

Isabelle Maystadt


Anne Bertrand

Kathryn Wright


Lea Rosa Prize in SMA: Petra Kaufmann

Young Myologist: Duygu Selcen

First-Time Presenter: Mari Okada

Published on 30 October 2007.


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09 Oct 2020 Prizewinners, WMS-25 Congress, Virtual, 2020

08 Nov 2019 Prizewinners, WMS-24 Congress, Copenhagen, 2019

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