Image shows a group of seven people from African nations with WMS Secretary, Laurent Servais (third from left)

As a global, scientific organisation at the forefront of research into neuromuscular disorders, the WMS is keen to work with colleagues, in countries in which it is an emerging field.

To that end, we supported The Moroccan Society of Neurophysiology (MSN) in the creation of a workshop to promote and educate young scientists from African countries, providing an opportunity for them to present their data and experience gained during the Cairo Congress. At that session, young scientists from Egypt and Lebanon presented abstracts and posters to a critical audience.

The abstracts were selected by the MSN committee and included several young researchers and healthcare professionals from Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal and Côte d'Ivoire.

At the beginning of the session, Prof Laurent Servais, Secretary of the WMS, explained his concept of "the WMS experience" i.e. getting a positive critique of the presentation with no taboo in explaining how the form of the presentation or the data analysis could be improved.

Each speaker was asked before the presentation if they were willing to engage in this supportive critical process and all agreed. Prof Servais along with Prof Gelisse and Prof Genton from France moderated the presentation, which involved participation from a wide cross-section of the audience.

Speakers and their collaborators who attended the workshop were invited to join the WMS As a result, the WMS proudly processed complimentary registrations for 10 new members from different countries across Africa. Feedback from participants was very positive.

WMS is proud and happy to sponsor similar workshops or sessions to ensure a broader and more inclusive membership with the aim of promoting the WMS through positive and educative actions and to participate in education in neuromuscular disorder research and treatment and in the art of analysing and presenting medical and scientific data.

We hope that our new members will enjoy their access to the WMS Community and that they will actively contribute to the development of the field in their respective countries in the coming years.

Published on 20 June 2023.


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