It has come to our attention that some scammers are sending out emails that appear to be coming from the WMS President and supposedly asking for assistance. It seems that the attackers are trying to use the well formed bond between our members and are trying to convince them.

Due to the technical nature of email delivery, it is relatively simple to make an email look like it's being sent from someone else's address. These attempts are not an indication that our systems have been compromised, all of our systems are running securely. It appears that the attackers are using the publicly available email addresses to conduct these attacks.

At no time, neither WMS or any of it's board members will ask for direct money transfers, or other sensitive information (personal information, passwords, credit card or bank account numbers) by email. Technically, it is not possible to prevent these kinds of attacks. Therefore it is best practice to have general awareness, use common sense and good judgment to just ignore these emails. When in doubt, avoid replying to these emails and always contact a third person that will know the person asking for confirmation. You may contact for any such inquiries.

WMS Executive Board

Published on 24 October 2023.


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