The ENMC Mid-Career Mentoring Programme is now open for the the third round of mentee candidates!

purple circle containing white outline drawings of a hand, palm up, a double helix and a stethescopeThe Programme has been developed for people who wish to seek mentoring in order to become independent researchers and/or potential future leaders in the NMD field. These individuals will be at the stage in their careers where they are developing their own research plans and are estblishing their research teams and collaborative networks worldwide.

A survey was held among the first year mentees and revealed that we are on the right track with this Mentoring Programme. The results showed that the Programme scored very high and is to the satisfaction of the mentees. The mentees are well matched with their mentors and they see improvement in the skills they wanted to improve with help of the Mentoring Programme, like networking, feeling self-confident, delegating work, communicating and presenting yourself and securing a good work-life balance etc.

If you are interested in the Mentoring Programme, please find here a link to the ENMC webpage and to video's illustrating the experiences of a mentee and mentor, which may inspire you to apply as mentee in the ENMC programme! 

The applications can be submitted to with a deadline of 1 July 2023: Guidelines – ENMC.


Published on 14 July 2023.


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