2024 VCP International Scientific Conference

Since our 2021 virtual Scientific Conference, the field of VCP disease research has progressed rapidly.  There is now an urgent need for researchers to meet, exchange knowledge, and set the agenda for future pre-clinical and translational research. The conference will bring scientists, clinicians, and patient advocates together.

The conference is intended to take an integrated approach across diseases. We will gather data in the VCP genetic form of muscular and neurodegenerative disorders that contribute to multiple phenotypes, offering clues to benefit a large number of patients, i.e. ALS and FTD overlaps.

The multidisciplinary nature of the conference, from oncology to neurodegeneration, will significantly impact the innovation and coordination of the research and accelerate translational discoveries in the field to bring about therapeutics in the near future.

The VCP International Conference is organized by Dr. Tsui-Fen Chou at Caltech and the patient-led organization, Cure VCP Disease, Inc., and will provide much-needed patient perspectives to researchers, facilitating an ongoing dialog between researchers, patients, and their families. 

The agenda will cover VCP biochemistry; molecular functions; the multiplicity of pathogenic involvement in oncology, virology, myopathy, neurodegeneration, and bone disease; nucleic acid manipulation; and the pathological and clinical aspects of VCP variants.

This interactive conference will include a discussion forum on future perspectives of VCP clinical options and various roundtables.

22-25 February 2024
Tianqiao and Chrissy Chen Neuroscience Research Building @ Caltech Pasadena, California, USA

Published on 11 February 2024.

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