World Muscle Society Charter

Article 1: Foundation and Name

This organisation was founded in London, UK, on 4th June 1995, with a meeting of founding Members. ( please click and view for more history; the participants and the first WMS agenda ) It shall be known as the World Muscle Society (WMS).

Article 2: Objectives and Purpose

Section 1

The activities of WMS shall be open to all professionals working in the neuromuscular field, irrespective of nationality, race and political opinion. It shall be a multidisciplinary Society, reflecting in particular the different disciplines involved in the study of neuromuscular disorders and the management of patients with these disorders.

Section 2

It shall be the Aims of the WMS:

  1. to provide a multidisciplinary scientific forum to advance and disseminate knowledge in the neuromuscular field for the benefit of patients;
  2. to stimulate, encourage and help to develop programs for professionals working in the neuromuscular field;
  3. to encourage multidisciplinary collaboration;
  4. to provide opportunities for young investigators in the neuromuscular field;
  5. to promote the achievement of standards in clinical practice.

Section 3

The means for achieving these aims shall be:

  1. the organisation of regular meetings to exchange scientific information;
  2. the organisation of teaching courses;
  3. the promotion of international collaborative research and training;
  4. the publication of reports.

Article 3: Membership

Section 1: Category of members

There shall be one category of members: active members. All active members shall have the right to vote and to hold office.

Section 2: Eligibility

All professionals actively working in the neuromuscular field, irrespective of discipline, are eligible for membership (See Article 2.1). The Executive Board will decide on individual eligibility.

Section 3: Application

Requests for membership shall be submitted by written application to the Executive Board.

Section 4: Membership fees

The Executive Board will establish the annual membership fee for active members.

Section 5: Tenure of membership

Membership will continue subject to paying the annual dues. The Executive Board shall have the right to terminate membership under special circumstances.

Article 4: Executive Board

Section 1

The Executive Board of the WMS shall be:

  • a President;
  • a Secretary;
  • a Treasurer;
  • the Editor of Neuromuscular Disorders (see Article 8);
  • at least six additional members.

A Nominating Committee will be appointed by the President from the Advisory Board. Members may propose candidates for the Executive Board to the Nominating Committee. The membership will vote on the election of candidates for the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will elect its officers.

Section 2

The officers shall each serve a term of 3 years. Executive members are eligible to stand for re-election.

Section 3

Any vacancy during the tenure of the Board shall be filled by an individual selected by the Board to complete the unexpired term.

Article 5: Duties of Executive Board

Section 1

The Executive Board shall meet not less than once a year.

Section 2

The Executive Board shall consider proposals relating to future meetings.

Section 3

The President may establish ad hoc committees to further the aims of the Society.

Section 4

The Secretary will maintain a list of active members and prepare an annual report of WMS activities.

Section 5

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection and disbursement of funds, and shall produce an annual report for the Executive Board and membership.

Article 6: Advisory Board

In addition to the Executive Board an Advisory Board will be established which is broadly representative of the different disciplines within the neuromuscular field. This Board will advise the Executive Board in relation to all matters of relevance in connection with the activities of the Society.

Article 7: Finances

Section 1

The WMS shall be ruled as a non-profit organisation.

Section 2

The WMS shall be financed by membership fees. Additional support may be sought from other sources to meet special needs, e.g. the organisation of conferences.

Article 8: Official Journal of the Society

The Journal, Neuromuscular Disorders, will be the official Journal of the WMS. The Editor-in-Chief will be a member of the Executive Board.

Article 9: Honorary Advisory Board

An Honorary Advisory Board will be established of representatives from other Associations with an interest in neuromuscular disorders.

Article 10: Amendments to the Charter

These articles may be amended, altered or repealed by the vote of at least two-thirds of the voting members, who shall be given at least one (1) month notice of any proposed changes.

Article 11: Official Language

The official language of the Society will be English.

Article 12: Duration and Dissolution

The duration of this society shall be perpetual. In the event of dissolution of the society the net assets, if any, will be donated to a similar non-profit society or relevant charity in the neuromuscular field.

Article 13: Executive Board Members

please click here to view the current WMS Board Members

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