Case of the Month (resolved and unresolved)

Photo of Riyad El - Khoury

Riyad El - Khoury
American University of Beirut Medical Center , Beirut, Lebanon

Dr Riyad El-Khoury is an Assistant Professor - Neuromuscular Pathology Scientist - in the Pathology and Laboratory Medicine department at the American University of Beirut Medical Center with a joint appointment in the Neurology department. He is the Head of Neuromuscular Pathology Diagnostic Laboratory.

Photo of Teresinha Evangelista

Teresinha Evangelista
Association Institut de Myologie, Paris, France

Dr Teresinha Evangelista is a Board-certified neurologist and neuropathologist with long standing clinical and research expertise in neuromuscular disorders. Dr Teresinha Evangelista was the president of the Portuguese Society for the Study of Neuromuscular Diseases from 2009 to 2013. In 2018, she became the coordinator of the European Reference Network for rare neuromuscular diseases EURO-NMD. In 2018, she joined the « Unité de Morphologie Neuromusculaire; Institut de Myologie - Sorbonne Université, GHU Pitié-Salpêtrière ».

Photo of Dimah Saade

Dimah Saade
NIH, NINDS, Bethesda, United States

Dr. Dimah Saade is a pediatric neuromuscular neurologist. She works at the National Institutes of Health in the Neuromuscular and Neurogenetic Disorders of Childhood Section.

Photo of Beril Talim

Beril Talim
Hacettepe University , Ankara, Turkey

Dr Beril Talim is a pediatrician with special interest in neuromuscular disorders and expertise in muscle pathology. She works in Hacettepe University, Ankara. She is the editor of “Case Report” and “Picture of the Month” sections of “Neuromuscular Disorders”.

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