The Current WMS Executive Board, 2014-2017

The new WMS Executive Board has been elected during the WMS-18 congress in Asilomar at the General Assembly on 5 October 2013.  According to the WMS constitution, WMS Board members are elected for a term of 3 years with eligibilty to re-stand. At the first meeting of the new WMS Board which took place the same evening, the officers have been appointed and work-share distribution has been made. The new board will serve between 2014 and 2017.

Here is the new WMS Board:

V. Dubowitz  (UK) (president), H. Topaloglu (TR)  (secretary), T. Voit  (UK) (treasurer), Z. Argov (IL), G. Bonne (FR), C. Bönnemann (USA), K. Flanigan (USA), N. Goemans (BE), N. Laing (AUS), I. Nishino (JP), A. Oldfors (SE), D. Shelton (USA), V. Straub (UK), P. van den Bergh (BE), M. Vainzof (BR)

Published on 9 November 2016.

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