Dr Florencia Bellora

Can you introduce yourself and your current position? How long have you been working there?

I am Florencia Bellora, MSL for the neurology chapter at PTC Therapeutics Argentina where I have been working for over 2 years now.

Can you summarize your curriculum and career at the point of your transition?

I graduated medical school from the Universidad de Buenos Aires and did my residency in internal medicine at a public (very basic) hospital on the outskirts of the city of Buenos Aires. I always kept my professional development inside hospital walls, and my last position was as attending physician for the intermediate care unit and general ward at a private clinic in Buenos Aires. That same year I finished a post graduate course on Ayurvedic medicine, in the search of a different angle in the understanding of health, disease and therapy that could enrich my daily practice.

What was your major drive to do the transition?

This is a hard one. There were so many factors involved.

The main drive was the need for new challenges, to explore other aspects of medicine as well as a need to change in routine and work environment.

What were the alternatives for you at the time you were thinking of the transition?

Develop my private practice with outpatients with the incorporation of ayurvedic concepts in daily practice.

What influenced your decision the most? Was it a difficult decision? (family, relocation, etc.)

The job offer came from a medical school friend and colleague and together with the field of work being rare disease and new molecular treatments, which was an unknown territory for me up to that day, were the main influences on my decision.

My friends, family and former co-workers were very supportive of my decision which made the transition easier.

What skills did you have to learn when transitioning to your new job?Did you take any courses before the transition at the time?

I had to learn the corporate language and dynamics (which is very different from the work environment at a hospital ward)

I did a course to better understand my role and responsibilities as MSL during my first year at PTC at a local private University.

Have you ever considered going back to your previous position in academia? What do you miss from your previous position?

Not really, I enjoy my new role and the challenges that come with it, and two years is still a short experience in the industry, I have a lot more to do!

I do miss the close interaction with patients and that special relationship that develops.

What do you love the most in your current position/field?

There is something new to be learned every day, and I get to work with an amazing group of very different people and health care professionals.

What is something unique that you have learned in your current position/field?

As an attending physician, I did not have much experience with patients diagnosed with a rare disease. My current position has given me the possibility of getting to know and explore this whole new chapter of medicine, as well as providing me with a whole new perspective of the health care world.

What do you think the role of networking is when switching from academia to industry?

It’s key in the sense that it makes it easier to transit if you have guide and support from more experienced colleagues.

Pieces of advice for your younger self before doing the transition.

  • Don’t try to absorb everything on day one (not even on month one)
  • Be patient with the adaptation process.


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Published on 4 June 2021.


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