New member registration and secure renewal system can be done by using credit cards.

    The current annual subscription rates to the Society are

    200 euros for one year
    380 euros for two years and
    560 euros for 3 years

    We would encourage you to take the advantage of renewing for multiple years.

    Please note that no renewals will be possible after 31 December.


    Haluk Topaloglu
    WMS Secretary

    To renew your membership:
    1. Log in to the WMS Members area. (
    2. Click on "Online Membership Renewal".
    3. Select the number of years you want to renew your membership for.
    4. Click on "Continue" on the confirmation page and you will be taken to the Barclaycards secure online payment system.
    5. After you have entered your Credit Card details and the bank displays your payment you will be taken back to the WMS webpage.
    6. You will see a "Welcome Back!" page and according to the status of your transaction with the bank your membership years will be added and a receipt will be created for you or an error message will be displayed.