President's Prize, Young Myologist of the Year

    Kristen Nowak: Efficacy of cardiac actin over-expression therapy for ACTA1 disease seems mutation specific (CO3)

    President's Prize, Best First Timer

    Kate Quinlan: ACTN3 genotype influences skeletal muscle performance through alterations in calcineurin signaling (GP125)

    Léa Rose Spinal Muscular Atrophy Award

    Faraz Farooq: Induction of SMN protein by combination of STAT5 and p38 kinase activating, clinic ready compounds for the treatment of SMA (TP8)

    Duchenne Research Fund Prize

    Aurélie Goyenvalle: Tricyclo-DNA: A promising chemistry for the synthesis of antisense molecules for splice-switching approaches in DMD (TO3)

    Special Prize

    The DMD Upper Limb Function working group: T. Duong, M. Eagle, A.G. Mayhew, E. Mazzone, J. Florence, M. James, M. Main, M. Ash, K. Klingels, M. Van den Hauwe, V. Decostre. (SP9) - Development of an upper limb functional scale in dystrophinopathies

     Elsevier Award for best oral or poster presentation (4 awards)

    Jordan Boutilier: (DP14) – Mining modifier genes for skeletal muscle actin diseases

    Claire Chauveau: (CO5) – Ventricular noncompaction with arthrogyrposis due to TTN compound heterozygosity leading to loss of functional TTN kinase domain

    Elizabeth MacDonald: (TO6) - Myostatin inhibitor ActIIB rescues atrophy and protects muscle growth signaling pathways in immobilization but not denervation

    Rebecca Terry: (TP4) – Treatment with oral metmorfin improves muscle function in mdx mouse

    WMS Subscription Prize(15 awards)

    Najwa Al-Bustani (GP126) – Strongman syndrome, a new autosomal dominant herculaean painful myopathy
    Marie Elodi Cattin (GP122) – Heterozygous LmnadelK32 mutant mice showed alterations of the ubiquitin-proteasome system and developed dilated cardiomyopathy
    Sandra Donkervoort (GP82) – Double trouble diagnostic challenge in DMD patients with an additional hereditary skeletal dysplasia
    Vandana Gupta (GP3) – Modelling congenital muscular dystrophy in zebrafish
    Ayse Karaduman (SP16) – EK for DMD and SMA validity and reliability study of Turkish version
    Kirisi Kiiski (DP13) – Targeted array CGH analysis of the nebulin gene: identification of large deletions causing nemalin myopathy
    Johan Lindqvist (CP12) – The H40Y alpha actin mutation differently affects limb and respiratory muscle contraction
    Linda Lowes (SP3) – Diverse walking distances predict functional outcome in DMD
    Alexandra Maerkens (G57) – Differential proteomic analysis of protein aggregates in desminopathy
    Abath Osario (CP11) – Centronuclear and myotubular myopathis: clinical, histological and molecular findings in a large series of Brazilian patients
    Jessica Terrill (TP3) – Treatment with cysteine precursors decreases protein thiol oxidation and improves muscle pathology in the mdx mouse
    Emily Todd (DP6) – Whole exome sequencing applied to foetal akinesia
    Janneke Van den Bergen (GP76) – Dystrophin levels do not influence progression in Becker muscular dystrophy patienst with an exon 45-47 deletion
    Lindsay Wallace (GP110) – The DUX4 promoter is preferentially expressed in FSHD affected tissues
    Nicolas Wein (TP17) – Alternative translation initiation and amelioration of phenotype in the DMD gene