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We are looking for a highly motivated postdoctoral person who is energetic and passionate to join our dynamic team. In particular, we are looking for someone with experience in molecular biology (qPCR, IF, WB), as well as mouse injection and dissection experiences for neuromuscular disorders.

Experience in dissecting and mounting muscle tissue is required. Intravenous, Face vein, Intrathecal and Intracerebroventricular injection experience would be preferred but can be taught. No background in gene therapy is required, however the person should have a high interested in human genetics and diseases and should be eager to learn and work on the bench in an independent manner. Finally, our team relies on good teamwork and therefore, the candidate should be a good communicator and team player. The job description includes, but is not restricted to performing research experiments, maintaining records of experiments, preparing laboratory reports, analyzing data and preparing publications and grants applications.

Our lab is focusing on Neuromuscular and neurological Disorders such as Duchenne Muscular dystrophy, Myotonic Dystrophy and Friedreich Ataxia. Our lab developed an expertise in translational research, an emerging field which can be summarized as understanding the cause of a disease and learning from it in order to develop innovative therapeutic strategies. We are committed to integrate basic science and gene therapy skills in order to advance understanding and treatment of the neuromuscular diseases. Our lab projects focus on RNA and DNA editing and gene transfer as therapies for neuromuscular disorders, but it also includes more fundamental research on muscle/nerves function. In particular, our lab uses most recent technologies such as virus-mediated exon-skipping (vectorized exon skipping) and the CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing tool.

Columbus, OH, United States
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01 Sep 2022
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20 Jul 2022

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