2021 MDA Clinical & Scientific Conference Summits

MDA is excited to be offering three new virtual Summits for our professional community in the Fall of 2021 as an extension of the 2021 MDA Clinical & Scientific Conference.  Based upon feedback from attendees, these programs will focus on specialty topics to provide important content to our research and clinical audiences.  This year’s summits will focus on the following:

  • Mental and Cognitive Health in NMD
  • Best Practices for Coordination and Transition of Care
  • Advances in NMD Gene Therapy Research & Treatment

All attendees of the 2021 MDA Clinical & Scientific Conference are invited to participate in these Summits and are included as a part of your conference registration, there will be no additional costs to attend.  Attendees will be able to participate virtually from the comfort of their office or home in presentations from experts, panel discussions, and workshops focusing on these specialty topics in neuromuscular diseases.

For anyone who would like to attend, but did not previously register for the 2021 Conference, there are registration options available that will allow single event participation or full access to the one-demand 2021 Conference sessions as well as the series of 3 Summits.  You may register using the following link, and select "Conference Summit" as your registration category.  https://mdavirtualconference.org/en/registration  

Final summit dates will be available shortly.

For more information please contact Cortney Mott at cmott@mdausa.org


15 March - 31 December 2021

Published on 16 May 2021.

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