Myo-Care National Foundation

Myo-Care National Foundation is an Egyptian non-profit NGO dedicated to optimizing medical care, research, and access to therapy for muscular dystrophy patients in the region. Myo-Care was founded in 2019 as an Egyptian non-profit NGO governed by a board of directors of national and international NMD experts. Provide education, and raise awareness among medical professionals on international standards of care. - Provide diagnosis, carrier testing, and multidisciplinary care for MD patients & their families in our affiliated specialized medical center in Saida Nafisa hospital. Mission Promote research to understand the genotype-phenotype characteristics of Egyptian MD patients and support translational research Maintain the patient registry to facilitate readiness to clinical trials and patients' access to the new genetic therapies.  Muscular Dystrophy medical center In 2021 developed a partnership with New Giza University to establish a specialized medical center for muscular dystrophies as part of the rare disorders project in the Saida Nafisa community hospital, expected to be open for patients free in January 2022.  Egyptian Neuromuscular Registry Myo-Care foundation governs the Egyptian neuromuscular registry holding more than 2400 Muscular Dystrophy patients, including 1500 DMD patients and 244 LGMD patients. مؤسسة ضمور العضلات هي مؤسسة غير ربحية مقيدة بوزارة التضامن برقم ١١١٦٣

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