1. A minimum of 30 fellowships from the WMS Education Fund (funded by an annual royalty from Neuromuscular Disorders from Elsevier).

     2. Additional Fellowships from other funding sources.

    The programme committee selects the recipients on the quality of the abstracts submitted and the analysis of a short submitted CV (including the special interest and expertise, details of current post, and the importance of the work to be presented). Applications should be submitted to the local congress organizer online at the time of submitting an abstract. Applicants should be in training and not yet in a definitive established post.


    1. Four Elsevier Prizes for the four best oral or poster presentations by young scientists (clinical or basic).

    2. An additional series of 15  Elsevier Awards of one year's additional membership subscription to the WMS for the runners up to the Elsevier Prizes.

    3. The President's Prize for the Young Myologist of the Year, funded from the President's Fund from proceeds of his memoirs (Ramblings of a Peripatetic Paediatrician).

    4. Additional President's Prize for the best presentation by a young first time presenter.

    5. Lea Rose Prize: Natalia van der Mersch is a professional violinist from Belgium, who lost
    a daughter (Lea Rose) of Werdnig-Hoffmann disease at the age of 6 months. This annual award for 500 Euros is  to the presenter of the most important contribution in SMA research at the WMS congress.

    6. The Duchenne Research Fund Prize: For best presentation by a young reseacher on the Treatment of Duchenne Dystrophy.

    Senior fellowships

    The president has also decided to sponsor two (or more) additional annual fellowship (500 Euros) for senior myologists, who have been active in WMS in the past but are now retired and have constraints on their available funds. Applicants should provide a short review (no more than 250 words) of their activities in the neuromuscular field and their contributions to WMS. Applications should be sent to the local organizer.

    The closing date for application for fellowships is at the same time as the abstracts on 2nd  of April.